Under the Citizenship Law a person of Latvian ethnicity may claim Latvian citizenship providing she/he is a Latvian who has certified all of the following conditions:

a) that in 1881 or later his ancestor had been permanently living in the territory of Latvia as it existed until 17 June 1940,

b) his fluency in the Latvian language (test);

c) his belonging to the constituent nation (Latvian), by submitting a documentary confirmation on the fact that she/he or at least one of his parents or grandparents belongs to the constituent nation (Latvian).

Also, Latvian exiles and their descendants of any ethnicity may also register Latvian citizenship provided she/he was a citizen of Latvia on 17 June 1940 (or is a descendent of a citizen of Latvia), fled from Latvia due to the USSR or German occupation regime or was deported during the period from 17 June 1940 to 4 May 1990, and has not been able to return to Latvia as a permanent resident until 4 May 1990. In case of registration of Latvian citizenship, exiles may retain their current citizenship.

Finally, descendants of citizens of Latvia on 17 June 1940 of any ethnicity can register Latvian citizenship by "inheritance" from their ancestor.

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